31.07.11 - 31.08.11 CALL OUT FOR APPLICATIONS


Call out for artists interested in showing this financial year, August 2011- June 2012. Send us an Email and we'll send you an application form...or download using the link above.
please have applications in by 31.08.11

Art Beat is an ARI located behind a gun shop on the fringe of the CBD in West Melbourne that started in November 2010.
We focus on highlighting the importance of production,curation and dissemination of contemporary art with an interest in installation, video, sound performance and workshops with an open mind to all evolving practices.
Art Beat aims to Harbour a dynamic community of emerging and established artists and curators, creating a stimulating exhibition space that fosters dialogue and critique in a supportive, accesible and exploratory context.
So far we have had the privilege to show some amazing artists with varying and exciting practices at different stages of there careers. We are excited about continuing and can’t wait to see experimental, excitng and ambitious curatorial projects, concerted solo shows as well as artists talks and seminars.

Please either send us an email (with links and .pdf/.doc) or mail a hard copy to:
Art Beat 
211A Victoria Street
West Melbourne,3003

30.06.11: Room 2: Unknown

" I believe that the pure visual images,geometrical/abstract,are able to create a freedom of envision while they are the best form of unknown. They can re-form by the imagination. Any form could envision in the mind and create a story or add another meaning.
My aim is carrying sculpture beyond the appearance of the physical world, through new concepts of space, colour,and light, to imagine realms that are spiritual. With this work I am experimenting the matter of unknown: the incomprehensible, extraterrestrial things...
"Unknown" is an experiment about mind, a meditative mood and trance. It aims to open a space in the minds and reach to the secret /unknown part of the human, to get closer to the spiritual/ inner world.Simply it is a search for thoughtlessness and the immaterial world, to the essence."
-Sinem Baykal (Istanbul, Turkey)

02.05.11: Room 1: Art + Text 8 writers discuss Artworks

The writers

Sarah CrowEST
Christopher LG Hill
Justin Hinder
Helen Hughes
Penny Modra
Geoff Newton
Nic Tammens
Jack L Phillips

+ works by

Simone Kennedy
Josey Kidd-Crowe
Matt Keegan
Nic Tammens w/ Virginia Overell
Jess Lucas
Geoff Newton
Christopher LG Hill

Copies of the Art + text publication will be available to take home as well as the Nic Tammens' Virginia Overell collaboration (A3 riso poster) both are FREE.
Artist talks: 18.05.011:  4:00pm - 7:00pm

02.05.11: Room 2: Fantastic planet

Darcey Bella Arnold: within room two of Art Beat

28.04.11: Room 1: Sprawl


Curated by Greg Humble

sprawl is a space for sk8'ers & sk8 enthusiasts (also kinda artists). It is called sprawl because hopefully by the end of the show it will become a mess of skated materials; paited primordial ooze green. A soilent landscape of junk.
Artists Involved: Dan Bell, Rex Veal, Marcin Wojcik, Greg Humble.


28.04.11: Room 2: GOOD GRIEF


T.R carter

Tell me something I don’t know, 2008. single channel video, 6.24 minutes

Still kicking', 2008. Photographic series

Ghost rider, 2011, 7:26 minutes

GOOD GREIF is an ongoing investigation into the processes that deal with loss and grieving as an attempt to regain a sense of control and ownership of the self. The installation aims to open up notions of societal resistance surrounding the actuality of death and explores the personal experience of human grieving in its stages through aggressive, cathartic, comedic and masochistic measures. These drunken performative rituals are symbolic of the devices or acts that one conjures in order to reconstruct life after death, enabling oneself to keep kickin' on 'n up the dust.